Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The House Goes There

Well after a couple more minor setbacks we've finally gotten this ball rolling.  Monday, our contractor staked out where the house will lay, so Becca and I stopped by to see where exactly our new house would be placed.  I walked around the stringed off area and pointed out to Becca where the kitchen, bedroom, etc. would be to which she cautiously claimed, "It looks kinda small."  Oh boy.  I didn't tell her but I kind of agreed; however, I've since been told by multiple people who have been through this process that throughout the whole thing there will be phases where the house looks really small and phases where the house looks really big.  In the end, I'm told, with everything in place it will be just what you expected.  I can't wait for that day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Actually Here

It has been a very, very long time since I've written on this blog.  It's not as though a lot hasn't happened, because it certainly has, but amongst all the hustle and bustle there really hasn't been time at all to sit down.  There have been open houses, hopes of buyers, renovations, marketing changes just to name a few.  But I'll come back at a later time to talk about some of those things because now the important thing is that it's almost here.
After over two years of planning and a lot of anxious waiting it looks like we might be finally breaking ground next week.  We're closing this week on the construction loan and the permits have already been filed with the city of Nixa.  If everything goes to plan we'll be up and running by the middle of the week.  With that exciting prospect in front of us I thought now would be the perfect time to renew this blog and start talking about our future new home again.  Check back here regularly over the next 6 months as we build our next house and we use this blog to document the whole process.  Everybody is very excited to start and excited to document it all here.