Sunday, August 19, 2012

That Looks Like a House

When we left for vacation I knew that a lot would be happening over the next week.  But I had no idea the progress we'd see once we returned home.  Just as Jason had estimated in the period of just a week the house went from the basement being framed to the roof being put up.
We got back from Alabama on Monday, August 13 and met with Jason at the house to discuss how everything was going.  It was going great.  I, unfortunately, had to immediately leave town again for a conference. By the time I got back on Thursday the roof decking was almost complete.
At this point the framing is essentially complete.  Start to finish it took right at two weeks.  It's absolutely amazing to me that in just two weeks an entire house can be framed.
The shingles are in place on site for the roof to be put on and I'd guess that at this rate it'll be done by the end of the week.  We're also meeting with Jason and the electrician sometime this week to map out where lighting, outlets, and data connections will be going.  Fortunately, I've been working on that already so hopefully things will go smoothly.

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