Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two More Weeks

So apparently the closer we get to the finish the less often I post.  A lot has happened in the month since I've last posted and I'm excited to say that we're less than two weeks away from being in the house.  We are all beyond excited.

The outside of the house is essentially done.  The shake shingles for the gables along the front have been installed and stained.  The garage floor, driveway, and sidewalk have all been poured.  All of the siding has been painted.  I've been really nervous about how all the textures and colors would turn out, but Becca and I both love the end result.  It's exactly what we were hoping for.  The only thing left for the outside is the yard work.

On the inside, the hardwood flooring on the main floor is all put down.  Unfortunately, they almost immediately covered it up to protect it so I never got to see it, but Becca was there the day they finished and said it looks great.  The tile has also been finished and grouted in all of the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Speaking of the kitchen, the cabinets have all been installed and stained.  The whole thing looks really good and just what we were wanting.  But my favorite thing it the fireplace.  The stone that we picked looks wonderful.  It was exactly what I envisioned it would look like and it really completes the whole house.  It's become the focal point that we really wanted it to be.  There's still a lot left to finish these last two weeks, but I know for sure that we're already happy with the end results.

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  1. SO exciting! It looks amazing. I've been (somewhat) patiently waiting for an update because I knew you guys were getting close. Can't wait to sit by that roaring fireplace and visit over Christmas!